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Benefits of Hiring a Local Recruiting Agency!

Cherie Richardson, President of Carter Recruiting

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Time and time again we hear from our clients what a benefit it has been to their corporate recruitment efforts to have a local partner working for them. Imagine having access to an endless supply of skilled labor ready to help your business grow. When you work with an Arkansas-based company like Carter Recruiting & Associates you will get an agency that understands not only your industry but the region and demographics you operate in. A local staffing agency has several unique benefits over working with a large national recruitment agency, including;


Local recruiters know your business challenges and your marketplace.

It can be very difficult to explain your company’s uniqueness and the market in which you operate if you are working with a national agency that doesn’t have a local presence. A local recruiter understands the people and culture your business operates in and it gives them a unique perspective when you are looking for just the right employee.


Have access to a large pool of local candidates with the skills you need.

When you work with a local agency you don’t have to worry about time or money wasted on the placement of out-of-town candidates. Instead you gain access to the best pre-screened local candidates who have the skills and background your business needs to compete.


Community support and growth.

When you work with a local recruiting agency you will be partnering with a company that is already helping to spur development and improvements within the community as well as expand local businesses and promote prosperity for everyone involved.


Local networks and connections.

Working with a recruiter that lives and works in your local area is also beneficial when trying to network in the local business scene. As a part of the community they have established professional and personal relationships with the local industries’ top executives, business leaders, as well as elected officials.


Personalized service.

Forget about being just another client of some “billboard brand” national employment agency, working with a local recruiting firm means you will get the individual, professional attention you deserve. You will know your recruiters well and they will have a firm handle on your business and your staffing needs.